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Inner Circle Music was formed based on the assumption that the needs of creative music loving consumers have not been adequately fullfilled of late and that the marketplace is inundated with releases that have no focus, cultural designation or direction. Inner Circle Music seeks to fulfill these needs and become a vital force in the revival of the creative/contemporary music milieu.

Our artists endeavor towards producing works which will reveal the best that fearless and idealistic thinkers can achieve in art music. The best way that we can hope to be effective and differentiate ourselves from our competitors is to define the vision of the company to be a credible information and growth ally to our public. By focusing on our creative strengths, artistic objectives, and the underlying values and needs of the public, Inner Circle Music hopes to help define the current era with our art.

Inner Circle Music is dedicated to the promotion and cultivation of individualism through inspired, self produced works. Our direction is defined by highly stylized and original compositions with state of the art compositional techniques and references to a broad variety of influences. Our company is structured to provide a forum for some of the next generations's most provocative composers and stylists, all of whom bring to the collective table overwhelming levels of vitality and enthusiasm. We are hopeful that our supporters will have the same reaction and enthusiasm when hearing our works as we did while conceiving and documenting them.

Our primary purpose is to enrich the lives of our supporters through music. Our philosophy is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, treating our clients and each other with dignity and respect. We intend to take prudent but informed risks and to work together to assure that our mission and message will not be obscured or filtered. 

Label Director  
Juan Garcia-Herreros

Artist Relations
Theresa Bloder

Our Artists and Commercial Releases

PANFILI & FRIENDS - Primul (2020)